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Make the Most of Your Day!

With some of our select herd members, you can make the most out of any event. Our goats are specifically hand-picked for their gentle temperament and friendliness towards people and kids. Contact us today to get a quote on your event! We can bring goats to anything from a birthday party, yoga studio, weddings, and anything in-between. Our biggest type of event is kids’ birthdays, and they love the goats!

For our event rentals, we bring anywhere from 2-6 small-breed goats, plenty of treats, and the same temporary fencing kit that we use for our landscaping herds. At least one person will stay with the goats for the entirety of the event to make sure that everything goes smoothly for both those in attendance and the goats. 

For kids’ parties specifically, we can also bring desserts for an additional cost. However, there’s not a specific cost or packages for our event rentals, simply because we know each event is special, so we like to treat them that way. We also understand that budgets and distance can vary widely, so we take those factors into consideration as well.

While we typically do day rentals for events, it doesn’t have to be a special occasion! If you just want to hang out with a couple of goats for the day, you can do that, too!