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Bales Goats

Eco-Friendly Landscaping Solutions

Bales Goats

Landscaping and More!

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With a hard-working, eco-friendly landscaping crew as fine as our herds, you’re sure to be satisfied with your project!

Herd One

Homestead Herd

Herd Two

Benefits of Bales Goat Landscaping

As opposed to traditional landscaping means, goat landscaping offers a variety of benefits.


Unlike a lot landscaping equipment, goats don't leave harmful gas emissions or chemical waste.

Less Noise

Goats are relatively quiet compared to typical landscaping means that require loud equipment to be running.

Destroys Invasive Species

Due to the goats' digestive system, the seeds consumed by goats lead to low survival and viability of common invasive species.


Our goat herds can be rented starting at only $1500 per month.



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